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Hi, I'm Stefanie, owner and lead designer of a Kansas City-based boutique wedding flower studio called KC Bloom.

My husband and I have dedicated our family to Jesus Christ, and we love being a part of a vibrant local church. Parenting our two young kiddos keeps us very busy (and very tired), and now we've added wrangling a goldendoodle/velociraptor puppy named Biscuit to our daily tasks.

We're committed to making our family life simple and joyful. This blog will highlight a lot of floral work and business, with sprinklings of home projects and recipes - my other two passions! 

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2024 Wedding Floral Trends

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As a wedding florist in Kansas City, I’m always on the lookout for the newest wedding floral trends, concepts, and design innovations in the industry. I pore over photos from luxury florists around the world who perform feats of pure floral magic (most of these events have six figure budgets). I also love to see what my floral friends around the country are producing for their “normal” weddings with an achievable budget – color palettes, installations, locally grown flowers, how they highlight a venue’s natural charm, etc. It’s a TON of inspiration, and that can easily overwhelm the casual observer. 

Here are my favorite wedding floral trends for 2024.


My favorite wedding floral trend is COLOR (I’m hoping it never goes out of style). More specifically, we’re talking about bright, saturated colors, placed in groupings and layered with tones and texture. Color can be used really effectively in fabulous installations or in color-blocked smaller arrangements that link a palette together.

KC Bloom Photo by: Kristen Pulido


We’re loosening up the rules for the wedding party, and seeing lots of changes in personal floral.  One of the biggest trends I think we’ll see this year are very petite bouquets, and bridesmaids carrying mismatched bouquets of single types of flowers.

Sweet Root Village Photo by : Garter & Whiskey


I saw the complete opposite ends of the spectrum last year – several weddings with hardly any boutonnieres or corsages (i.e. only the groom wore a boutonniere), and several with 20+ small floral pieces.  I think this next year we will see couples opting out of personal floral for the extended wedding party and guests to create more budget space for large installations.   

KC Bloom Photo by: Kelsie Crockett


Speaking of large installations, these aren’t going anywhere and will continue to be a wedding floral trend in 2024. However, I think we’ll see couples move away from traditional floral arches and gravitate toward unique designs like custom bar installations, seating card experiences, ceiling installations, and grand entrances.

KC Bloom Venue : White Iron Ridge


I know I just talked about color, but exactly half of my weddings last year were a classic black and white color scheme. Tuxedos and luxury gowns are back, with the floral in all white with splashes of ivory, green, and black in the designs. A couple of my venue owner friends have told me that the majority of their weddings this year are all white floral designs.

KC Bloom Photo by : Hallie Fry


Unique seating is always a fun way to change up a wedding tradition. The needle is definitely moving toward semi-circular or runway-style seating for ceremonies, while others with a logistically difficult venue transition (from ceremony to reception) are opting to seat their guests at their tables for the ceremony, after the style of the Oscar Awards.  When guests are seating at their tables for the ceremony, the tables are empty of decor, and that is all added by the vendor team during the cocktail hour.

KC Bloom Photo by : Hallie Fry


Here in Kansas City, the summer is just too hot.  I used to live in Seattle and summer is THE SEASON for weddings.  That is completely shifted here, and I know in climates with rough summer heat, the autumn and winter wedding celebrations are taking off.  My busiest month for weddings last year was December, and none of them had a Christmas-y theme.  Everyone opted for cozy glam with abundant candles.

KC Bloom Photo by : Kassidy Hewett


Flowers and cake are high on my list of favorite things, so I’m really loving this trend of combining those two elements into a showstopping visual piece. 

Missy Gunnels Flowers


This is a wonderfully versatile floral design that is beginning to replace the round or square arch we’ve been seeing for the last few years.  A ground arch is truly spectacular, surrounding the ceremony spot with an explosion of color and texture.  These can range from petite to massive, and have more options for florists to implement sustainable design practices. Additionally, we can repurpose some of these pieces (depending on the weather elements) to the reception space after the ceremony.

The Bloemist Photo by: Lisa Leanne Photography


Cozy, twinkling firelight just exudes magic and warmth, infusing your event with calm and nostalgia.  There truly is something about candlelight!  A large trend this year will be the use of abundant candles, almost bordering on ridiculous.  With so many beautiful options for colored taper candles, spectacular tabletop candelabras, glass sleeves for taper and pillar candles, and lovely votive glassware, candles will be a heavy hitter in this year’s wedding design scene.

KC Bloom Photo by: Kathryn Hermes

Do any of these 2024 wedding floral trends speak to you? If you want to incorporate some amazing floral touches like this, we’d love to chat with you about your special day. Check out our services and portfolio, then get in touch!